Beat the war for talent, today’s market.

Recruiting top performing leaders has never been an easy feat. Expectedly such individuals tend to be aptly challenged, valued and rewarded, and otherwise consumed by the onerous day to day demands of the modern executive. Combine the latter with a climate where there is an undeniable war for talent, and one may promptly question the likelihood of an executive reviewing job listings, registering on databases or indeed responding to the plethora of sporadic emails and social media noise so often associated with in-house talent acquisition departments and high street recruiters.

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Ann Hogan, BDO Ireland, HR Leader for June

Human Resources Director of BDO Ireland, Ann Hogan, is Principal Connections HR Leader of the Month for June.

With a tremendous career spanning 25+ years, Ann initiated her early days in industry. She has since gone on to work for some of Ireland’s most renowned professional services and consulting firms in Anderson (now Accenture), PwC, and presently Ann is the Human Resources Director for BDO in Ireland. 

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Leaders Talent Report 2018
New Leaders Talent Insights Report 2018

With constant change now a significant facet of today’s global employment market, many organisations are battling to determine how best to manage their leadership talent agendas to meet new and evolving organisational requirements.

Between the months of June and August 2017, Principal connections undertook a comprehensive study among the senior executive community who lead the people agenda in Ireland.

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Diversity in the boardroom
A Pathway to Board Diversity

Pat O’Donnell, Managing Partner of Principal Connections, shares his insights to achieve diversity in the boardroom.

There are few companies and board rooms where the subject of diversity has not been the focus of debate or at least discussion in recent years. From its close connotations with gender, ethnicity, age among other familiar categories, over time, board diversity in its truest sense has evolved to develop a much broader understanding; ‘diversity of thought’. It is therefore widely accepted that an effective board must be equipped with the diversity of opinion necessary to make its governance and advisory role meaningful.

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