WE identify, assess and recruit elite CEO'S and Executive Leaders.

The rapid pace of change confronting organisationsExecutive Search Dublin Ireland has heightened the need for great leaders and increases scrutiny on boards to select high-impact directors. We work with board leadership and nominating committees of public and private companies, as well as non-profit organisations, to recruit, develop and advise board members, board chairs and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs). It’s our broad, deep and unmatched network of exceptional leaders from all around the world that ensures we connect the individual best suited to what a role will demand today and tomorrow.

Board Directors

We find directors who go beyond asking probing, penetrating questions—and advise boards on how to work most effectively as a team and with executive management.

With greater regulatory scrutiny and raised expectations regarding risk management, most companies are looking for the board to offer more than compliance oversight. Directors need to be able to advise CEOs on the substance of strategic decisions, providing thoughtful, actionable guidance on how to effectively translate strategy into action. The best directors ask probing, penetrating questions and, when necessary, act when the standards of governance and fiduciary responsibility require intervention.


Non-Executive Chairpersons

We recruit, develop and advise chairs who own and embrace an active leadership role in guiding the CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER.

Board chairs face pressure to instill a culture in the boardroom that is necessary for the board to be a true strategic asset for the CEO, management and shareholders. The chairman establishes expectations of the current CEO, plays an active role in CEO succession planning, and serves as a critical mentor and advisor to the CEO. Chairmen also proactively seek to build professional relationships with the management team.


Chief Executive Officer Recruitment

We  recruit, develop and advise forward -thinking leaders who can balance risk and build teams.

Companies and markets are continuously changing, putting pressure on organisations to identify the right leaders. Our analysis shows that chief executives differ most from other executives by their forward-thinking, team-building skills and the ability to balance risk with thoughtful action to perform effectively in complex environments.


Principal Connections is Ireland’s leading Executive Search Firm and the Irish Office of Agilium Worldwide LLC.

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