Information today travels fast — to customers, stakeholders and employees. Companies need to manage that message to ensure all parties maintain a clear and transparent understanding.

In a competitive industry where corporate reputations can be built or destroyed within seconds, the values and abilities of the stakeholder management team are more important than ever. New responsibilities are arising in roles, going above and beyond the original job specification. The Chief Communications/Public Affairs Officers and Corporate Affairs Directors are quickly becoming a critical part of the executive team. By maintaining relationships with staff and clients, and engaging in creative communication to uphold a strong business reputation, a strong reputation is created. This is crucial to a business’s success, as customers are less likely to purchase a product or service if they have reason to believe it is not genuine.


We help recruit Communications executives who are talented at engaging internal and external stakeholders via strategic messaging, including company goals, mission and priorities.

We understand the Corporate Affairs Director to be the most exciting and new multifaceted position to emerge in a long time. We have developed a strong expertise in finding and developing the skills of executives.

Our pioneering work has identified the traits necessary for a new leader to be successful in a digitally charged world where boundaries are vanishing. Individuals must be empathetic, strategic, and adaptable — these leaders must know how to align corporate strategy with reputation and how to talk to organisations and stakeholders.

To become a trusted advisor to the whole business, CCOs of the future need to go beyond their standard expertise to be a true business leader. This is not an easy position to fill, but with the help and expertise at our 55 global offices, we have the opportunity and ability to enter into a partnership with you to find the communication leaders of the future.

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