Corporate Affairs and Corporate Communications Officers.

Corporate affairs officers have a key strategic role that is responsible for communicating with, engaging, influencing and managing external audiences, and these executives are increasingly becoming a direct report to the CEO. Currently, there are diverse lines of thought around how to structure these market-influencing roles and where they align in an organization, along with the many variables that impact the appropriate solutions for a company. Our consultants help clients determine the right solutions and find the best leaders from a diverse talent pool.


We recruit, develop and advise leaders who help enhance and empower companies to act in the long-term interests of all stakeholders.

We find and assess talented communications leaders who lead companies in building sustainability strategies designed to engage, enhance and empower a company to bring a long-term view to all aspects of its business.


We recruit, develop and advise executives who offer companies a strong voice with clear messaging to internal and external audiences.

Communications leaders have a visible role in most companies, but they become even more noticeable in times of change and disruption. We advise communications teams on attracting and assessing leaders who are uniquely capable of developing long-term strategies while also responding with alacrity to emerging crises and events.


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