With constant change now a significant facet of today’s global employment market, many organisations are battling to determine how best to manage their leadership talent agendas to meet new and evolving organisational requirements.

Between the months of June and August 2017,
Principal Connections undertook a comprehensive study among the senior executive community who lead the people agenda in Ireland.

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In this report, we consider what perspectives such leaders had towards a diverse range of topics including: recruitment, retention, development, performance, succession, diversity among other themes.

For the purposes of the study, leaders were categorised as first line executive management and second line senior management. In total, 202 respondents, senior executives who are leaders of the people agenda in their respective organisations completed the survey.

Among the sample, 64% of respondents came from the Private Sector, while 24% came from the Not-For-Profit Sector and 11% of respondents came from the Semi-state and Public Sectors respectively.

Managing Partner of Principal Connections, Pat O’Donnell, commented “the results of the research undertaken have produced some very interesting findings. The report offers a deep insight into how organisations have managed their leadership talent agendas and more importantly how they are likely to operate as we move further into 2018. This is the first year of the research programme, and we would like to thank all those leaders who took the time to participate”.

The following are just some of the key findings….

  • Information Technology based leadership roles are the most difficult to fill… said 14%
  • At least 1 Senior Manager / Executive will be recruited in the next 12 months… said 31%
  • Exciting or Challenging Work is the primary reason why leaders join a company… said 52%
  • Strategic Thinking is the competency valued most in leaders… said 60%
  • Leadership Development Programs are offered to Senior Executives… said 46%

Principal Connections is Ireland’s leading retained executive search firm and the Irish Arm of Agilium Worldwide LLC, one of the world’s largest and foremost executive search groups. Over the years we have advised on many of the most significant appointments that have emerged within all types


Principal Connections is Ireland’s leading Executive Search Firm and the Irish Arm of Agilium Worldwide LLC.

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