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In today’s technology led business environment, organisations globally must respond more rapidly to increasingly changing market conditions and emerging commercial opportunities. Such a process can consequence organisational re-engineering or restructuring, resulting in redundancy or job loss. This can be a traumatic process for all the key stakeholders involved; the Chairman, Chief Executive, Chief Financial Officer, Human Resources Director or other Senior Executive or Manager who must make and communicate the difficult decision; those who must remain in the aftermath of what can be a demotivating place of employment but none more so than the Executive or Manager who must receive the painful news of job loss.

As leaders in senior management and executive recruitment, Principal Connections holds a unique understanding of Ireland’s employment market and more importantly the requirements imposed on prospective senior candidates to achieve success. For corporate enterprises serious about how they manage the traumatic process of management or executive departures, Principal Connections offers best in class outplacement programmes. Each of our solutions are especially customised to offer real and meaningful supporting value to individual companies and leadership professionals relevant across all major industries as they confront the inherent challenges associated with redundancy or job loss with confidence and optimism.


What is Outplacement?

Outplacement is assistance that 21st Century companies commonly provide to departing employees affected by job loss. The service is designed to optimise job search or career transition for the displaced employee/s.

What are the Key Benefits of our Outplacement Services to the Employee? 

  • Prepares individuals to return to the workforce
  • Promotes a positive future outlook of confidence and optimism
  • Educates participants on the expectations of the employment market
  • Addresses any potential weaknesses or concerns participants may have
  • Optimizes the speed at which individuals secure their next position
  • Provides an independent support structure
  • Helps reduce some of the negative feelings associated with job loss

What are the Key Benefits of our Outplacement Services to the Employer? 

  • Demonstrates a commitment to strong corporate social responsibility and best practice
  • Projects a positive image to remaining employees, clients and investors
  • Protects the staff morale of the existing employees and in turn strengthens company loyalty
  • Provides an independent support structure for the company
  • Minimizes the risk of employee legal action

What do our Programmes cover?  

Below please find a list of some of the core modules that we cover. However, the focus of each programme is appropriately tailored to reflect the interests of it’s participants post our introductory awareness meeting. The emphasis of the programme is then placed on the requirements of the individual.

  • Awareness Consultation
  • Introduction
  • Career Assessment and Self-Appraisal
  • Personality Profile Assessment
  • Curriculum Vitae Preparation
  • Executive Summary Preparation
  • Covering Letter Preparation
  • Interview Technique and Coaching
  • Job Search Strategy and Technique
  • Development of Self-Marketing Plan
  • Assignment of an Search Associate
  • On-going Support and Review

Who are our Programmes suitable for?

With a track record dating back almost 25 years in Ireland, we have provided services for all types of companies across most major industries and at all levels of seniority. Programmes are designed for management at all levels of seniority and cover all aspects of job search, career management and offer participants a comprehensive preparation for a successful career transition.

Where do the Programmes take place? 

Consultations and meetings are typically removed from the workplace and held in the confidential setting of our state of the art city centre offices located at 95 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2. Should you hold a preference for a programme to take place from at an alternative location please inform us of this.

What is the duration of each programme and what cost is involved?  

The duration of each programme varies and is dependent on the requirements of the participants and company. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information and we will advise you accordingly.

What are the key advantages to using Principal Connections? 

  • We deliver superior, high value and customised executive outplacement services
  • We optimise our outplacement participants employment search time by as much as 50%
  • We have 70+ years combined experience in industry and executive outplacement and search
  • We are Ireland’s only senior executive search firm to offer career coaching, outplacement and transition services.
    This means we are unique in that we offer a first hand understanding of employer expectations.
  • Part of Agilium Worldwide (1984), ranked globally as a Top 20 Executive Search Firm
  • Named Best in Practice – Executive Search at the National Recruitment Federation (NRF) Awards, Dec. 2015
  • 75+% of our assignments are repeat or referral based
  • Founding Member of the Voluntary Code for Diversity in Executive Search in Ireland, June 2016
  • Preferred Supplier for Executive Search Services to the office of Public Procurement
  • Members of the NRF, IBEC, SFA, CIPD, MII among other professional bodies