Our consultants understand the value of theExecutive Search Firms Limerick chief marketing officer (CMO), especially in the critical capacity of understanding and communicating the “voice of the customer.” Filling a CMO vacancy is one of the most critical leadership decisions an enterprise can face. While an acceptable CMO might be able to reliably “communicate the message,” a world-class CMO will be able to leverage information and technology to drive process improvements, cost reductions, actionable competitive intelligence and revenue-expansion opportunities.  

The Transformative CMO


With the increasing force of digital in the consumer journey, we see the CMO role broadening as a result. This expanded role is represented in evolving titles such as chief experience officer, chief customer officer, chief growth officer, chief innovation officer and chief digital officer. 

The Science of Marketing

We recruit, develop and advise CMOs who understand the science of marketing.

As new touchpoints proliferate and consumers take control of the conversation, we see an increasing need for CMOs to have strong competencies or skills in data-driven marketing that deliver a strong return on investment.


Trusted Advisor

We recruit, develop and advise CMOs who become a trusted advisor to their board.

Increasingly, we see CMOs reporting directly to the CEO and being asked to play a trusted advisor role across the organization while representing marketing to their board and educating the enterprise on digital. 

Strong Track Record

We recruit, develop and advise CMOs with a strong track record.

We work with companies of all shapes and sizes in the recruitment of outstanding marketing leaders across industry verticals. We have become a trusted advisor to our clients and have a deep understanding of the expanding skills set required of CMOs.


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