We recruit, develop and advise leaders who combine risk and regulatory discipline with a creative and broad commercial mindset.

Risk no longer is a simple control function; itsExecutive Search Firms Cavan profile, role and mandate have evolved. With the chief risk officer’s visibility on the rise, the influence and responsibility that come with the position have increased dramatically across organizations . The elevated status is most visible in banks, although the chief risk officer role also is growing in stature within asset managers and insurers.


We recruit, develop and advise leaders who can engage with both regulators and the broad organization at all levels.

Compliance functions are undergoing transformation; no longer is simply understanding regulation enough. Strong leaders need to develop and maintain solid relationships externally and internally, engage the business, influence the culture, and ensure robust systems and processes across all business operations.


The role of general counsel is increasingly critical, with leading GCs serving as strategic advisors to the board and CEO on an array of issues, including mergers and acquisitions, alliances and partnerships, risk management, cybersecurity threats, and new-market entry. We recruit GCs who bring a unique combination of legal leadership and strategic acumen to their roles.

As business complexity increases, these leaders have become critical to high-performing executive teams—not only ensuring that organizational assets are protected now and in the future, but also advising boards and CEOs on a multitude of high-stakes decisions.


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