We are uniquely positioned to understand and recruit today’s CMOs and marketing leaders.

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is the fastest-changing and most unique role in the C-suite. CMOs are the nexus between organisations and customers at a time when virtually every industry — from consumer to tech to health care and industrial — is becoming customer-centric and the velocity of change continues to accelerate. The CMO leads brand dialogue and inspires internal and external clients while also driving the increasingly important discipline of performance marketing. They must also address nearly any commercial challenge, including digital and data disruption, sales, innovation, and the creation of entirely new customer experiences, while also serving as the primary conduit to customers demanding new methods of engagement. To be successful, today’s CMO must excel in cross-functional partnerships and understand the entire value chain of the business. It is an entirely new leadership role.


We find forward-thinking CMOs to enable businesses to leverage disruption to their own advantage.

At Principal Connections - executive search, our marketing executive recruitment consultants have helped enterprises recruit the most creative, innovative and agile CMOs to achieve strategic goals. Our ability to assess and quantify a marketing executive’s potential, in addition to past experiences and competencies, ensures that we help companies identify the CMO best prepared to meet tomorrow’s challenges. And with our global reach, we are able to draw on our network to recruit dynamic marketing executives who can help the CEO and the rest of the C-suite navigate a world that revolves around the customer more than ever before.

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