Non-Executive Directors

A dedicated and independent service which assists companies to source non-executive directors and chairpersons for their boards.

NED Recruitment

The changing landscape of regulatory oversight structures, corporate governance and transparency measures over the past decade have created the requirement for a new form of non-executive director (NED) and chairperson. As an independently and privately owned firm, Principal Connections is not aligned to any conflicting business or professional membership interests. We therefore offer a formal, objective, transparent and truly independent service dedicated to the recruitment of high impact non-executive directors and chairpersons.

Board Advisors

Finding the right non-executive director for your board.

Today, boards must constantly look ahead to ensure that their Non-Executive Directors (NED's) and Chairpersons continue to meet the new demands of an evolving environment. High performing boards understand that strategic governance requires a holistic approach. This involves identifying skills gaps against those established, to provide the appropriate level of challenge and supporting value to the management team and then embarking on a professional and independent recruitment process. This process undoubtedly helps achieve balance aligned to long term organisational strategic goals.

NED Recruitment

Our NED panel is made up of some of the most experienced senior business leaders in Ireland.

In response to client requests over the years, Principal Connections has carefully established and maintained a significant panel of accomplished, emerging and aspiring NED's and Chair's. On a selective basis, we identify and admit new members to our panel who following careful assessment meet the high expectations of our client companies.


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