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Whether it’s setting up a new business from grass roots or expanding the footprint of a Fortune 500 into Ireland, identifying and attracting exceptional leadership talent is an essential and important milestone on the journey to success.

Irrespective of industry or business particulars, people are not the most valuable asset of the start-up business, rather the right people are!  Principal Connections holds extensive experience and deep insights to share in overcoming the unique challenges inherent in the recruitment of senior, executive and board members necessary to offer instant impact and drive forward the evolution of the start-up to ramp-up.

For the vast majority of senior leaders, joining an organisation in it’s infancy will carry risk. Principal Connections context led approach to executive search is ideally suited to unveiling candidates with the track record and more importantly the shared vision, motivation and passion to realise true start-up potential.


Principal Connections is Ireland’s leading Executive Search Firm and the Irish Office of Agilium Worldwide LLC.

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