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Senior executives and management are increasingly turning to one-to-one executive coaching, for help with performance issues, which affect themselves or their teams. Many people at the top of organisations have a sense of isolation. They may find it difficult in a public or organisational context to admit they have a problem or to ask for more help or support. Executive coaching provides an individual and confidential forum where such individuals can explore these issues in safety and in a time effective manner. It provides a convenient and cost effective way to accelerate results and success.

The aim of the Principal Connections Executive Coaching service is to provide intensive support and consultation to senior managers on issues relevant to their professional development. Our executive coaches understand the challenges facing busy executives. Such challenges raise from managing stress issues, resolving conflict, problem solving and decision-making to crisis management, leadership, time management, presentation skills, managing meetings and career advancement.

executive coaching WITH DIFFERENCE

executive coaching in a formalised and systematic manner using tested world-class methodologies.

Principal Connections helps organisations and individuals realise their full potential and sharpen their competitive edge. We are renowned for delivering consistently excellent consultancy services with standardised methodologies, top-tier consultants, state-of-the-art proprietary infrastructure and project tracking technology.

Principal Connections  executive coaches take the time to understand and appreciate the complex environments in which executives operate and collaborate on engagement plans. We tailor flexible solutions for our client organisations and for their key leaders so you meet your business objectives, increase productivity and employee engagement and reduce unwanted attrition.

coaching solutions

We provide performance enhancing executive coaching services for Chief Executives and their top teams.

High Potential Coaching

  • Enhances the leadership skills and successes of the most promising upcoming leaders
  • Tailored program identifies key areas for personal relationship improvement
  • Follow-up allows for on-going private coaching and fine-tuning

Targeted Performance Coaching

  • Teaches new behavioral, leadership or managerial skills
  • Selection based on key roles within organization
  • Executives more quickly reach their full potential or overcome barrier

New Leader Coaching

  • Designed for new leaders to organizations or roles
  • Applicable to managers through C-level
  • Focused on new leadership capabilities to support business strategies

Leadership Team Coaching

  • Focused on strategic corporate goals
  • Defines clarity of purpose, mutual expectations and accountability
  • Valuable for improving leadership team functions at any level


Principal Connections is Ireland’s leading Executive Search Firm and the Irish Office of Agilium Worldwide LLC.

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