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Ireland’s Executive Search Experts

When a decision is made to recruit a key manager or executive, decision makers naturally have a responsibility to optimise the probability of success. With an unrivalled 98% success rate, global giants, national champions and rising challengers throughout Ireland, Europe and other global locations refer to 
Principal Connections the Irish Arm of Agilium Executive Search Group when making strategic leadership hiring decisions.

Proven Executive Search Services

As specialist executive search advisors, we deliver expert, research driven and context led executive search services. The most talented executive search consultants combine a unique blend of in depth experience with sophisticated methodologies, proprietary tools and global candidate networks and most importantly, the time and passion, to identify, assess and single out elite senior management and executives.

Global Executive Search Consultants

As part of Agilium Worldwide, Principal Connections global coverage allows us to develop executive search strategies that access international markets and talent, based on the strategic and cultural requirements our client assignments demand.

An executive search is typically used in circumstances where a position is of critical importance and fundamental to ensuring the success or failure of a company or its leadership team. It can therefore be presumed that all measures must be taken to optimise the probability of success to ensure that the best candidate is recruited and the risk of a poor or average appointment is mitigated.

An executive search can also be of tremendous value where a company is seeking to recruit a candidate with a rare mix of skills or a ‘game changer’; where the demand for a specific type of candidate is particularly high; or where there are specific points of sensitivity which require an independent, objective and confidential recruitment approach be taken.

It is not uncommon for an executive search to be commissioned where another recruitment method or party has not achieved a satisfactory outcome. However, this is never an ideal scenario due to the added complexity created by the perception of the failed recruitment attempt. It will also not be every executive search firm that will want to undertake an assignment under these circumstances.

An executive search firm may also be a useful idea where a new position is being introduced or newly redefined within a company or where there is a belief that a unique third party standpoint is likely to generate a greater degree of interest while positive competitor relationships are maintained. In recent years, the executive search solution has also been supportive in helping companies achieve diversity agendas while continuing its tradition of creating strategic advantage through better hiring decisions.

Aside from the criticality of the experience, skill, passion, tools, innovation and very importantly, the pre-engagement risk analysis of the consulting firm delivering the solution, the reason for success often lies in the methodology. Methodologies and their constituent parts will typically vary from one firm to another. By example, at Principal Connections we have an unrivaled 98% assignment completion ratio. Our methodology is uniquely partnership and results focused and appropriately applied to each specific client context. Typically, we will work very closely with our client company; spending considerable time in scoping out the assignment and developing the optimal search strategy.

Original industry and authentic candidate research of the domestic and/or international and global markets will then be conducted and the resultant target candidate demographic will be aptly contacted or headhunted ensuring engagement. Candidates who signal an interest in the position we are representing will be invited to participate in our comprehensive assessment and evaluation processes following which we will agree on a final shortlist for interview with our client company.

A member of our consulting team will generally sit on the client interview panel and will assist in preparation and setting the interview agenda. The concluding phase of the process will often see the introduction of cognitive and personality psychometric assessment tools; 360 degree reference checking together with a comprehensive medical examination. Subsequently, we will manage the offer and negotiation process and will sometimes assist with an integration plan for the successful candidate.



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