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The transition from one senior leader to another is aExecutive Search Firms Kerry | Principal Connections critical moment in the future of any organisation. A smooth transition is essential in maintaining the confidence of stakeholder constituencies, promoting positive board member relations, strengthening cultural and organisational identities as well as providing the incoming executive with a solid platform to succeed.

The most successful companies effectively manage leadership change utilising a robust and well executed succession plan. The departure of a senior executive can be planned or unplanned; in either case, by the time the value of a succession plan is identified it is all too late to commence the process of building one. As a result, it is the responsibility of the executive team to make a consistent commitment to succession planning a priority, even  in the face of more immediate day to day issues. In addition to demonstrating good corporate governance, succession planning brings with it a number of key benefits, none more so than visibly aligning key leadership development requirements with the strategic goals of the enterprise.


Succession planning is a vital aspect of the long-term strategy of most Irish companies.

We draw on our vast database of CEO and Management assessments to create a whole person success profile aligned to the organisation's strategy. We then assess internal and external candidates against it using multiple assessors and assessment techniques. Our assessment process produces powerful insights for the Board or Chief Executive enabling either to make confident decisions about their next Business Leader, but also for the candidate themselves. This means that the positive impact is far-reaching, advancing the capabilities of individual executives, top teams, and entire organisations.


We provide succession planning services for Chief Executives and their top teams.

Few events carry greater risk to shareholder value than a change of leadership. But, still many organisations have ineffective processes for finding and preparing the next generation of leaders. We understand that mapping out generations of future leaders is hard to do alone. Principal Connections succession management consultants help organisations clarify, enhance, design, and implement more effective succession strategies and planning processes.


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