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Ensuring a sustainable future delivers wins for  business, community and society. Today, businesses are expected to put a stake in the ground when it comes to environmental, social and governance practices. But words and intention aren’t enough to make an impact. Companies must weave sustainability into the fabric of their being and put tangible, meaningful action behind their words. 

In the past, sustainability simply meant that enterprises were serving as a curator of the environment. Now, sustainability means that businesses are a curator of everything, from customers, employees, suppliers, and investors to society at large. That means sustainability has to permeate everything an organisation does. It’s not a project limited to one department of a company; it’s a movement that transcends roles, responsibilities and silos. And it’s imperative that companies participate fully on every front if they want to build a resilient, successful business for the long-term.


We deliver executive search services for sustainability officers who deal with the challenges of today while recognising the opportunities of tomorrow.

Investors and other stakeholders are calling on companies to disclose more about their environmental and social and governance strategies. We are proud of the work we have undertaken across industries and sectors, to support boards and executive teams to identify leaders who can deliver good business governance, which is essential to solve these challenges.

We support clients to find sustainability and environment executives within sectors ranging from financial regulation to construction, manufacturing and chemical and process industries. However, we do not believe sustainability is solely the domain of specialists but instead exists as a shared purpose amongst all stakeholders. 


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