Your company's ability to leverage data and Executive Search Athloneanalytics is the key to driving improved business performance, enhanced customer and employee experience, and competitive advantage. If your company's culture, people, processes, data and technology are properly harnessed to drive data-driven decisions, your company will differentiate itself from competitors and position itself for sustainable growth.

Unleashing the power of data requires having the right leadership in place to drive transformational insights across the enterprise.

Our experience building best-in-class data and analytics leadership teams provides us with a unique perspective on the sustainable advantage created from a fully actualized data and analytics organization. Our consultants work with organizations across industries to find and assess exceptional data and analytics leaders. We pair industry sector professionals with data and analytics functional experts to provide our clients with a consultative approach to every engagement. This integrated method has resulted in a successful track record of recruiting and advising companies on data and analytics leadership issues across the following roles:

  • Chief Analytics Officers
  • Customer Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics 
  • Product Analytics
  • Risk and Compliance Analytics
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Human Resources/People Analytics
  • Finance Analytics
  • Chief Data Officers 
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Management
  • Data Architecture


Principal Connections is Ireland’s leading Executive Search Firm and the Irish Office of Agilium Worldwide LLC.

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