HR Directors Consensus 2020: The Role of the HR Director in Ireland

At Principal Connections, we partner with many of Ireland’s most senior HR Directors seeking to appoint the best leadership talent at home and from abroad. Moreover, such HR leaders frequently refer to us in striving to achieve their own individual career goals.

In the corporate pecking order, the role of the HR Director has often played
second fiddle to the more commercially driven aspects of corporate operations. While business savvy CEO’s have long recognised HR’s strategic importance, the coronavirus pandemic has underscored the role of the HR Director as one of the most important functions for organisations worldwide.

A Report by Executive Search Firm Principal Connections

Principal Connections conducted a research programme in October of 2020, to explore the current disposition of the HR Director functional role in Ireland. Our objective was to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of what the role of HR Director now means, through capturing the views of those who understand it best. Thank you to each of the 244 CHRO’s, CPO’s, HRD’s, HR VP’s and HoHR’s who took the time to respond and inform this largely under-researched area.


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