The right balance of talent, skills and perspectives in the boardroom can mean the difference between value creation and value stagnation.

A cohesive board of talented, diverse and experienced directors is perhaps the greatest asset a chief executive and management team can have at their disposal to seize business opportunities and effectively manage risk. This is particularly true at a time of rapid business change, digital disruption, evolving business models and societal expectations.

Non-executive directors (NEDs) – also known as supervisory or independent outside directors – and chairs are a proven way of helping companies of all sizes and ownership structures to gain access to valuable talent whose experience can add constructive insights.


Find the right non-executive director or chair for your board.

Principal Connections - executive search is a market leader in the delivery of non-executive director and chair executive search services to publicly listed companies, private equity-backed businesses, family-owned organisations, and small and medium sized enterprises across Ireland and the United Kingdom. Our energetic and collaborative working style, combined with our diverse industry knowledge, extensive non-executive director and chair networks – furthered by our global reach through Agilium Worldwide LLC - and award winning consultants ensures that we promptly and incisively identify the very best board directors for our clients.

As a privately owned firm, we are not aligned to any conflicting business or professional membership interests. We therefore offer a formal, objective, transparent and truly independent service dedicated to the recruitment of high impact non-executive directors and chairs to meet the precise needs of your board. We understand that every board hire must align with company corporate strategy and push the enterprise one step closer to making it a reality. We take the time to get to know you, your board and your mission, and deliver board directors that will move boldly towards your vision.


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Principal Connections is the leading executive search and board advisory firm serving Ireland and the United Kingdom, and is part of Agilium Worldwide LLC.



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